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Ambassadors for the Room of Names

Our prominent supporters Anne Will, Iris Berben and Angelica Domröse are Ambassadors for our Campaign „Room of Names 60 x 6000“. But we are also proud that supporters from the business world, such as Heinrich Haasis, President of the German Association of Municipal Banks and Clearinghouses, have taken on multiple name sponsorships for the campaign.

Anne Will, Moderator
Anyone who has entered the Room of Names will never forget the experience. One only hears a few words there, and yet they tell such infinite stories. Names, places of birth, traces that lose themselves eventually – but they always represent an entire life. That is the idea of the Room of Names, to restore the identities of the holocaust victims. That, at the very least
. I am very impressed by this initiative. It is work that is profoundly human, positive and important. We should all feel obligated to support it.

Iris Berben © Moovie the art of entertainment
Photo: © Moovie the art of entertainment

Iris Berben, Actress
I am an Ambassador for the Room of Names at the Holocaust Memorial because every person has a right to the story of his or her life. By continuously expanding the Room, we are building a bridge between the past and the future. The multimedia presentation in the Room of Names and on the internet helps all future generations not to forget the individual fates behind the holocaust victims. This initiative depends on donations, and therefore I appeal to everyone to ensure the further development of the Room of Names through their donations.

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Notice of Exemption

Because of its work in fighting anti-Semitism, right-wing extremism and xenophobia and its support of human rights, democracy and freedom, peace and international understanding, the Berlin Tax Authority for Corporations I has issued a notice of exemption from corporate taxes for 2006-2009 according to § 5 Section 1 No. 9 of the German Corporation Tax Law to the Association (Tax ID 27/665/52496, notice dated November 10, 2006).

For contributions up to 200 Euros, the bank receipt together with the bank statement is accepted by the German tax authorities as proof of your donation. For contributions exceeding 200 Euros, you will automatically receive a written receipt from the Association.

Auch Sie können unsere Arbeit unterstützen. Vielen Dank!

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