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Campaign 60x6.000

Never stop beginning!

Ambassadors Iris Berben, Anne Will,  Angelika Domröse and Heinrich Haasis support the campaign for the Room of Names.
60 x 6.000 – that is the motto of our donation campaign this year. In order to promote our work for the „Room of Names“, we are looking for 6.000 sponsoring partners. The goal is to find funding for another 6.000 biographies.

On average, it costs € 60.- to create a biography.
These are the costs for the necessary historical research, editing its results, i.e. writing scripts for the speakers, and recording them at the radio and TV stations. The audiovisual implementation takes place at the studios of ZDF, ARD and RBB, which are made available to us free of charge.

A team of scientific researchers – financed with the money raised by the Association – researches the exact circumstances of life and death of those murdered, using sources available all over the world.

The costs of making these names hearable and readable run to many millions of Euros. These costs are not part of the Federal budget for the Memorial. Therefore, we appeal to you to help us with our Campaign 60 x 6.000. We want to rescue as many names as possible from oblivion – all of them, if possible.

You too can support this valuable and important work.
Through your solidarity and your contribution. No matter how large your donation is, every bit of support helps. Thank you very much!

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The Ambassadors

The Ambassadors for the "Room of Names" at the Holocaust Memorial: Anne Will, Iris Berben, Heinrich Haasis and Angelica Domröse.


Lay a memorial stone!

Please help us by laying a memorial stone for the creation of further biographies for the Room of Names. Thank you.



Account Information

Please support our work.
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Auch Sie können unsere Arbeit unterstützen. Vielen Dank!

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