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The Memorial is supplemented by an “Information Center” which the architect designed underground, located underneath the South-Eastern corner of the Field of Steles. This construction, reachable via two staircases and an elevator, with its impressive architecture and self-contained design, its roughly 800 square meters of presentation space, partially illuminated by daylight, provides the necessary information on the disowning, persecution and murder of the Jews of Europe, the victims honored here and the original sites of their murder.

One of the central functions of this place is to provide information on the victims, supplementing the abstract form of commemoration that the Memorial provides. For example, part of this goal is to memorialize as many names of murdered Jews as possible. Memory is personalized through the depiction of exemplary life and family histories, among other things.

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This place is also concerned with the question of the provenance of the holocaust victims honored here, and tries to document the expansion of the murderous activities all over Europe, also including other groups of victims. At the same time, the “Information Center” serves as a portal to the lively and multi-faceted landscape of memorials in Germany and Europe.

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