Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas e.V.

Resolution of the German Parliament

Resolution of the German Parliament on the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, June 25, 1999.
1.1. The Federal Republic of Germany will erect a monument to the murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.
1.2 The memorial will

  • honor the murder victims,
  • keep alive the memory of an unimaginable occurrence in German history and
  • exhort all coming generations never to violate human rights again, to defend the democratic rule of law and the equality of all people before the law, and to resist all dictatorships and violent regimes.

1.3 The Memorial is to be a central place of remembrance and exhortation, together with the other places of memorials and institutions within and outside of Berlin. It cannot replace the authentic sites where the terror took place.
1.4 The Memorial will be erected in the site chosen in the middle of Berlin – the Ministry Gardens. 
1.5 The Federal Republic of Germany remains obliged to honor the memory of the other victims of National Socialism in a dignified manner.
2. Peter Eisenman’s design of a field of steles (Eisenman II) will be realized. This also includes a supplementary Information Center providing information on the victims honored and the authentic memorial sites.
3. A foundation will be established under public law in which representatives of the German Parliament, the Federal Government, the State of Berlin and the Association for the Establishment of a Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe belong. Its committees shall include representatives of the memorial sites, the Central Council of Jews in Germany and representatives of the victim groups, as well as other experts. The foundation carries out the fundamental decision made by the German Parliament. Its goal is to help ensure the memory and honoring of all victims of National Socialism in an appropriate manner. 

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